04 October, 2009

Swine flu and vaccination debates.

Nothing makes me more angry than deliberate ignorance.  If someone doesn't understand, it’s natural to ask questions.  Not asking questions is the road to ruin.
A group that calls itself the Australian Vaccination Network doesn’t ask questions, they don’t trust evidence based science.  The AVN should be called the Australian Anti-Vaccination Network.  The AVN mouthpiece believes her own children had whooping cough, but didn't suffer. One of her children, she claims, was cured using a homeopathic vaccination.
Excuse me?  Homeopathic vaccination?  A dose of water on a bit of sugar is vaccination?
Whether it's an unnecessary death due to pertussis (whooping cough) or an agonising death due to homeopathic treatment of eczema by parents “who should have known better,” let there be no doubt that now the Influenza A (H1N1) vaccine is available (to Australians at least) especially health workers, the young, old and vulnerable; I’m getting my 1st shot this coming Friday.
If someone of the AVN ilk has a question, then they should consult an epidemiologist, or at least a GP.  Well researched, peer reviewed articles also have a place; Vaccines and autism: a tale of shifting hypothesis.  Not some bunch of scare mongers’ or conspiracy theorists’ web pages and blogs.
As one tweeter put it, “My view: the argument, no vacs in case of side effects, is like saying no seat belt ever for fear of drowning trapped in car underwater.”  Well said, @DrMobs.

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