04 October, 2009

$700 million well spent.

It's not very often politicians from all sides of the political spectrum share a small tent with standing room only and have more ribbon cutting scissors than there are spectators, but the completion of the Kwinana Freeway extension and Forrest Highway was an exception.  Now commuters from Mandurah or even Bunbury can do so on without the lights slowing them down.  Money well spent, since the commuter trains from Mandurah or Bunbury are faster and probably cheaper than driving a car.  Perhaps the $700 million could have been spent on, I don't know, housing?  Hospitals?  Schools?  Vaccinations?  Just a thought.
Mind you, the sojourn to Bunbury during the week was not only wonderful, it was a stress free time for the driver (even if she did find it too easy to speed!)

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