04 October, 2009

Gay, but not out (and about).

I don’t own a car.  Don’t have a real need for one.  Perth’s public transport system — despite it’s detractors — is better than any city in Australia, including Melbourne.  The trains don’t need special operators to get disabled passengers on and off at stations, and nearly all the buses are ACROD rated so again any disabled person can light and alight with ease.
With a station a 10 minute walk away (or the next at 20 minutes, and twice as many trains), there is no excuse not to use public transport.  Planing is easy on Transperth.  I can look up timetable information from my iPhone when out and about.  The real question is “why am I not getting out and about with my fellow movers and shakers?”  Well, one answer could be that when I want to go to The Court, my ex has arranged to meet a date there.  That would be awkward.  “But wait, there are other gay or gay friendly pubs, clubs and bars” protesteth you.  Yes, it’s true — gay friendly pubs are everywhere in the ’burbs.  Though I’m protesting back; I don’t mind taking public transport to where-ever someone wants to meet up, but please do me the courtesy and not assume I’ll take a taxi for your convenience.  Besides, I need to save up some money.  The rental costs for we semi-homeless is ridiculously high.

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