04 October, 2009

Living with the Ex. Why?

So it’s over.  Move on!  Well, sometimes it's not that easy.  Take me (please).  I'm a nice guy — no, I'm a lovely guy, yet after 3 years of happy togetherness, it all fell apart. (I can hear the “awws.”)
Problem is I have no where to go.  The rabid mining boom in Western Australia had left not only a housing shortage, but a rental market squeezed harder than a US bank.  Then, just as we thought the bubble had burst and the world was heading for economic ruin, things actually improved.  Affordable accommodation pretty well meant buying a cardboard box.  And it hasn't improved since — the boom didn't pop — it merely took a breather.
So here I am, part renting a room from my ex, part couch surfing and part house sitting.

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